Trump's America: The horror and the hope

10:00am Saturday 1 September

Featured Speaker

About this session

Join U.S. socialist Dana Blanchard for an eyewitness discussion of resistance in Trump’s America.

Trump’s presidency has seen serious attacks on the working class and other oppressed groups in the US. He is feeding the growth of extreme right politics and organisations, rapidly expanding the US military and destabilising world politics.  Meanwhile, the Democrats, despite some occasional progressive posturing, remain the same corporate, pro-imperialist party that backed Hillary Clinton and paved the way for this horror show.

But Trump is also the most unpopular president in US history, and has sparked massive protests in opposition. And growing interest in socialist politics is seeing a new left emerge which is no longer content with the false alternative offered by the Democrats. This session will discuss all these issues and the way forward for the left in the US.

Dana Blanchard is a member of the International Socialist Organisation and currently works for Haymarket Books in Chicago. She was a public school teacher for fifteen years in California and has written extensively about the fight for public education, most recently about the wave of teachers’ strike which began in West Virginia.

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