Argentina: Peronism, military dictatorship and the Trotskyist left

2:30pm Sunday 2 September

About this session

For many, Argentina is something of an enigma. Since World War II, the political development of this nation has radically differed from the rest of Latin America.

For much of this time the populist, bourgeois nationalist movement of Peronism has repeatedly held office, only to be overthrown by successive military coups.

In the midst of all this, Trotskyist forces have built organisations that are some of the largest this movement has ever seen. Even today Trotskyists continue to score electoral successes and weild real influence in sections of the working class.

This presentation will look at key moments in the nation’s post-WWII history, with an emphasis on the responses of the left and Trotskyists forces to them.

This session will be presented by Shane Bentley, MUA member recently returned from a tour of occupied factories in Argentina.

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