Opening Night Panel: We are the resistance - The global fight against racism and inequality

6:00pm Friday 31 August

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Capitalism is a disaster for the majority of humanity and the very planet on which we live. Recent years have seen record breaking weather patterns and record breaking levels of inequality. The opening panel of Sydney Socialism 2018 will look at the resistance to some of the worst modern faces of capitalism.

Gavin Stanbrook will discuss the growing tide of racism, seen in the increase in racist policing, the criminalisation and torture of refugees and the growth and normalisation of the far right. Gavin is an Aboriginal activist and socialist in Sydney.

Chris Graham will discuss the brutality of Israel’s siege on Gaza and the broader occupation of Palestinian land. He recently took part in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, an international convey of activists aiming to break the naval blockade and raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians. As has happened before Israeli forces boarded the ships, beat and detained the  activists. Such are the lengths this apartheid state goes to to silence criticism of their crimes. Chris is a journalist and the editor of New Matilda and is committed to breaking this silence.

Simone White will discuss widening class inequality. Last year 82% of wealth created globally went straight to the richest 1%.  In Australia, despite a 27 year long economic boom, wages have barely risen since the 1970s and we have the harshest anti strike laws in the OECD. Class war is not a thing of the past. We need to fight to change the rules and to change the system. Simone is  a long term unionist and socialist and is currently organising the march against Trump’s visit to Australia.

Dana Blanchard will be speaking about one of the most offensive and revealing faces of modern capitalism: Trump. Trump exposes the myth that the west is democratic and civilised. Immigrants, Blacks, women,workers and the poor are all victims of his administration. But they are also fighting back and there has been a revival of struggle in the US. Dana is a member of the International Socialist Organisation in the US. She is a teacher and a labour journalist.

Sarah Garnham will be speaking on the multiple crises and uncertainties of capitalism in 2018. Neoliberalism and the US hegemonic order have been disrupted by economic crisis, the rise of China and the growing hatred of the establishment. Governments everywhere are scrambling to resurrect the “centre” while the far right are attempting to steer disaffection towards racism and reaction. But there are also important developments on the left and there is a rising support for socialism. Sarah is a member of the national executive of Socialist Alternative.