Hong Kong in revolt!

10:00am Sunday 25 August

About this session

The revolt in Hong Kong is the biggest popular uprising for democracy in Asia for decades, with one quarter of the entire population taking part in protests. Everyone from students to pensioners has come out onto the streets. Workers have come out in the first general strike since 1967 and repeated protests involving thousands have shut down one of the busiest airports in the world, backed by the Cathay Pacific flight attendants’ union.

The initial demand for withdrawal of a law that would allow Beijing to extradite activists to the mainland has now been broadened to a call for democratic transformation in Hong Kong.

But the ruling class is not standing by. The local administration, Beijing puppets, have lashed out with increasing violence and the Chinese leadership is ramping up its rhetoric, raising concerns that the CCP could unleash another Tiananmen Square. Donald Trump has echoed their language, calling the demonstrators “rioters”, giving the CCP the green light to unleash terrible repression on them. And the bosses are screaming about the impact of the revolt on their profits.

The revolt, however, shows no sign of vanishing. Every day, brave demonstrators come out again and again in the face of beatings, tear gas and the threat of stiff prison sentences. Their passion for democracy and freedom spurs them on. In this talk, Tom Bramble, who has visited Hong Kong several times to speak with activists, will speak about this three month revolt and why we should lend it our complete support.

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