Opening Night Panel: A planet to save, a world to win

6:30pm Friday 23 August

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About this session

Capitalism and its wealthy rulers are destroying our planet. Their system daily condemns billions of people to poverty and exploits the vast majority. It relies on vile racism and oppression to deflect and distract. Imperialist competition destroys millions of lives and threatens to spill over into catastrophic wars. Socialism’s opening night panel will discuss some of the key problems of our epoch. Panelists will regale us with inspiring stories of struggle and offer up revolutionary solutions to capitalism’s horrors.

We’ll hear from Remi Kanazi about the struggle of the Palestinians, who suffer at the nexus of global imperialist conflict. Their example should inspire people everywhere to oppose war and imperialism.

Nosrat Fareha is a courageous high school climate striker. She will discuss the global movement of young people who have defied their governments and walked out of school to demand immediate sweeping action on climate change.

In a world in crisis, there are incredible pockets of explosive struggle – when the oppressed fill the streets, braving bullets and tear gas, to fight for a better world. We will be lucky enough to hear from Maysoon Elnigoumi, a Sudanese leftist, about the revolutionary struggle in Sudan and its ramifications for socialists everywhere.

Our discussion will circle back to Australia where an emboldened Liberal government poses a serious threat to workers and the oppressed. Liz Walsh will discuss the fightback we need here, as well as the revolutionary solution to climate change and capitalism.

Join us for this unmissable Opening Night panel to kick off a weekend of radical ideas at Socialism 2019!