The Menshevik-Bolshevik Split

12:00pm Sunday 19 September

About this session

This session is available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The 1917 Russian Revolution succeeded in bringing workers to power, where all others have failed, due to the building of a revolutionary Bolshevik party which won hegemony within the vanguard of the Russian proletariat. That required the defeat of the opportunism and liberalism represented by the Mensheviks, and in the process a break with the dominant approach of the Second International. This session will discuss this split and take up the debates that surround it, including to what extent did Lenin and the Bolsheviks consciously or otherwise build a party of a new type in distinction to the reformist failures of most of the Second International; was Lenin basically a Kautskyite until 1914; and should our party model today be the Bolsheviks or the “broad” RSDLP?

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