When workers took power: The Russian Revolution

4:30pm Saturday 18 September

About this session

This session will be taking place at 4:30PM Saturday in Sydney & Melbourne and 2:30PM Sunday in Brisbane

The Russian Revolution is one of the most hotly contested events in human history. For an event in which ordinary people were finally able to take control over their lives, end a war, and enact wide-sweeping reforms – our rulers are quick to deride it as a terrible thing we should never emulate. But for the left, the Revolution was the most emancipatory event in history, proving that it is possible for workers to break from capitalism and begin to organise society according to the principles of socialism.

What actually happened in 1917? Was the October revolution a coup? And what relevance does it have today? This session unpacks the truth of the Russian Revolution and reclaims its legacy back into the hands of the working class.

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