20 years on: The criminal destruction of Afghanistan

4:30pm Saturday 18 September

About this session

This session is available in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Australia and the US sent troops into Afghanistan with the fanfare of the vast bulk of the liberal establishment and centre left. The Labor Party pledged support, liberal journalists celebrated the role of “”our troops”” in delivering the values of “”democracy””, “”freedom”” and “”women’s rights’ to Afghanistan. 20 years on from America’s longest war and even the most enthusiastic supporters of invading Kabul can see the devastation wrought, the dismal failure of the occupation. The US led ‘War on Terror’ which began in Afghanistan has seen the West devasate Afghanistan and Iraq, open up torture prisons in Abu Ghraib, and persecute whistleblowers like Assange who attempted to speak truth to power.

Australian troops have been implicated in horrific war crimes, including the cold blooded murder of children, the use of “throw-down” weapons to cover up civilian murder and the barbaric celebration of their kills including drinking from the prothetic limb of an Afghan victim of Australian terror. This session will look at the imperialist motivations of the US and Australia in Afghanistan.

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