From antipolitics to electoralism: lessons from the Podemos debacle

6:30pm Saturday 18 September

Featured Speaker

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This session is available in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Podemos emerged as a new left populist party promising to fight austerity in the wake of the 2008 GFC and the indignados movement in Spain. The party captured an audience disillusioned with the betrayals of the traditional centre-left Socialist Party. But just six years after it was formed Podemos joined a coalition government with the Socialist Party disappointing its supporters. This year Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias has bowed out of politics after a crushing defeat in the Madrid regional election by the far right Vox party.

This session will explore the evolution of anti-austerity politics in Spain and the lessons for the left today. Featuring guest speaker Josep Maria Antentas, Spanish Marxist and member of the editorial board of Viento Sur, a socialist magazine published in Madrid.

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