Reform vs Revolution: Can socialism come through parliament?

6:30pm Saturday 18 September

About this session

This session is available in Sydney and Melbourne on Saturday at 6:30pm and on Saturday at 10AM in Brisbane

The central debate in the socialist movement since Marx’s time has been reform versus revolution. Can a socialist movement of the working class use the democratic institutions of the state, Parliament and Congresses to dismantle capitalism? Or will it take an uprising and the smashing of the state to dismantle class, the profit motive and oppression?

We are often told that the state is a neutral body, necessary to manage human society. But state institutions like the parliament, the police force, the army and the judiciary are modern constructions, purpose-built for the capitalist system. This session will look at the role of the state in capitalism, the failures of reformism from the ALP to AOC and put forward the revolutionary socialist strategy for dismantling capitalism.

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