Racism in Biden's America: Black Lives Matter and Border Violence

10:00am Saturday 18 September

About this session

Last year witnessed an epic rebellion against racism in the US, with over 20 million people mobilising as part of the Black Lives Movement. This has resulted in a very significant shift in consciousness, some big victories like the conviction of Derek Chauvin, and a lot of rhetorical spin and empty promises from Democrat politicians. The reality is that as long as US capitalism exists, it will rely on repressive state institutions like the police, prisons and borders to enforce capitalist rule – and racism will always be a crucial aspect of that. Biden and Harris have spent their careers championing mass incarceration. On the border, we already see the brutal denial of rights, and the imprisonment of migrants and refugees, including children – even if the concentration camps are now re-labelled “influx centres” by Biden apologists. This session will bring together key frontline activists from the US on what the fight against racism looks like in Biden’s America.

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