Biden and US politics today: progressive turn or imperial restoration?

10:00am Sunday 19 September

About this session

This session is available in Sydney and Melbourne. 
The Biden administration has surprised many with its increased spending on social services and infrastructure. Many in the liberal media and the social democratic left have celebrated this shift from the neoliberal policies of the past 40 years, and thrown their weight behind the new President. Most notably, liberal democrats such as Sanders and AOC have become loyal advocates for Biden and his policies.
This talk will assess Biden’s administration from a revolutionary perspective, identifying the connections between his imperial agenda and his domestic policies. It will argue that his policies reflect an attempt to stabilise and regenerate the power of the US state at home and abroad. This task is broadly supported by American capital concerned by a rising China, polarisation of US society and the radicalisation of the Republican party. The talk will therefore argue that the left should position itself as a strident and consistent opponent of the new regime.

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