Refugees, Borders and Capitalism

2:30pm Sunday 19 September

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This session is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane at 2:30pm AEST and Perth at 12:30pm AWST. 

Tamil refugee and Socialist Aran Mylvaganam will be discussing the connection between capitalism, borders and the violent persecution and imprisonment of refugees.

Marx and Engels proclaimed in The Communist Manifesto that the workers have no country and yet we live in a world divided up into separate and distinct countries, and migrants and refugees are the target of violence, deportation and racism. The policing of movement has created the horrors of Australia’s gulag archipelago of detention centres and has turned the Mediterranean and the land between the US and Mexico into a mass grave. Refugees fleeing war, poverty and persecution face the deployment of troops, construction of razor wire barricades and assaults against their families with tear gas, stun grenades and rubber truncheons.Yet borders are open to those with the money to go wherever they like in the world, and they are open to the movement of capital.

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