Workers in the Pandemic in Australia: Fighting for our lives

2:30pm Saturday 18 September

About this session

The worsening outbreak in Sydney and its negligent mismanagement has shown again that the impact of the pandemic in Australia has fallen along class lines. Working class suburbs – crowded, financially strained, and under-vaccinated – are epicentres of the disaster spreading  through workplaces kept open to benefit the bosses’ bottom line. 

This session will be introduced by Socialist Alternative’s industrial organisers, Kath Larkin and Jerome Small. They will discuss how the pandemic has affected workers over the past year-and-a-half – from non-essential workers being told to risk their lives, unsafe workplaces, PPE shortages and the pandemic being used as a pretext for a bosses offensive – and what kind of strategy can build on the examples of working class resistance that have fought back against the death cult of capitalism.