The Popular Front: making peace with the system

12:00pm Friday 2 September

About this session

Established as a revolutionary break with the decrepit pro-war reformist parties, the Communist International was founded in 1919 to lead workers’ revolutions across the world. But, as Stalinist reaction overturned the Russian revolution’s achievements, the Comintern was transformed into a tool of Russian foreign policy, binding the fates of workers internationally to the needs of the Stalinist state. The Popular Front, a strategic policy pursued by the Comintern, bound Communist parties to social peace with the capitalists, in order to preserve military alliances between capitalist states and the USSR. Breaking decisively with the Comintern’s early approach, throughout the 1930s workers’ rebellions in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, the US, China and beyond, were deliberately curtailed by Communist parties in order to make peace with the bosses for Russia’s gain. This session will explore the development and impact of the Popular Front on the international workers’ movement and its legacy today.

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