The fight for women's and trans rights from the US to Australia

10:00am Sunday 4 September

About this session

Roe v Wade has been overturned in the USA sending reproductive rights back decades. In the USA the Supreme Court has signalled that this sexist attack could be the beginning of a sweeping wave of reaction targeting womens, LGBTI and other civil rights. In Florida the ‘don’t say gay’ bill threatens to drive teachers and students back into the closet and prevent any discussion of LGBTI sexuality and gender in schools. All of this is happening with a Democrat in the White House and Democratic Party majorities in both houses.

In Australia the Labor Party in government has committed to passing the ‘religious discrimination’ bill this term.  Across the world governments and authorities have passed transphobic rules attempting to drive trans people out of public life from bathrooms to swimming pools.

Despite the wave of popular support for women’s rights and trans rights conservatives continue to drive a successful backlash. Why are the conservative right able to pass such regressive laws? This session will explore the links between capitalism and reactionary gender and sexual politics and put the case for how socialists should respond to these attacks.