What does AI mean for capitalism and the class struggle

2:30pm Sunday 20 August

About this session

The recent release of user-friendly generative AI products such as ChatGPT and MIdjourney has led to much speculation on the merits and dangers of this new technology and opened up debates on how intelligent these new computer systems are.

Many silicon valley executives and tech bros have hailed this moment as the dawn of a new technological age that will eliminate poverty, lift the burden of unnecessary work, and help fix global problems such as climate change. 

On the other end of the spectrum, a growing number of AI developers and experts have sounded the alarm on what they fear could be an existential threat to humanity, warning us of the quickly approaching moment of ‘ artificial general intelligence’ when the machines become sentient and smarter than their creators. 

What should socialists make of this new technology? Is it any different to previous innovations such as the personal computer and the internet? Will it automate millions of jobs in the coming years? This session will discuss what Marxism can contribute in answering these questions and explore what the debates over AI can tell us about the politics and economics of modern capitalism. 

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