Abdul Aziz Muhamat

Manus Island detainee, human rights defender and refugee advocate

Abdul Aziz Muhamat is a Sudanese refugee who fled the Darfur region in 2013. After six days at sea on a boat from Indonesia he finally made his way to Australia. But instead of resettlement, Aziz was sent to Manus Island. There he has remained for six years. Aziz has constantly spoken up for all the refugees on Manus Island, and has been harassed, jailed and labelled a troublemaker during his years in detention. In 2019 he was honoured with an international human rights award in Geneva.

“The conditions that we are living there are absolutely indescribable … inhumane and cruel,” Aziz told reporters in Geneva before Wednesday’s award ceremony. We have been treated very badly, [worse] than an animal.”

“My number is QNK002, that’s how I’m known to the system.”