Aran Mylvaganam

Tamil Refugee Council co-founder

Aran Mylvaganam is a long-time refugee activist, socialist and founder of the Tamil Refugee Council which played a leading role in the campaign to bring the Tamil refugee family of Priya, Nades and their two children home to Biloela.

In 1997 at the age of 13, Aran fled Sri Lanka as a Tamil refugee after his family faced murder and persecution at the hands of the genocidal Rajapaksa regime. Having spent much of the last two decades as a community and union organiser, he is now standing as a candidate for the Victorian Socialists in the upcoming Victorian state election.

Aran knows first hand the experience of Australia’s bipartisan cruelty towards refugees, having been locked up in detention as a child. From the Tampa affair to the Park Hotel detainees, both Liberal and Labor governments have overseen a punitive system designed to pressure refugees into returning to the countries they have fled. This session will be exploring the link between borders, anti-refugee racism and the priorities of capitalism.

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