When soldiers rebelled: the US army in Vietnam

12:00pm Sunday 19 September

About this session

This session is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane at 12:00pm AEST and Perth at 10:00am AWST. 

The US war machine can seem unstoppable. But in the 1970s the greatest purveyor of violence the world has ever seen was taken down by the Vietnamese national liberation struggle; a poor, besieged country and an under-resourced guerrilla army. One component of this defeat was the rebellion from within the US army itself. As US activists protested against the war back home, masses of soldiers, many of them conscripts came to more and more oppose the war. This session will explore the hidden history of rebellion against the Vietnam War within the US army itself.


Vietnam: The Soldier’s Rebellion by Joel Geier Sir! No Sir! The GI revolt

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