The struggle to liberate Palestine with Palestinian Marxist and Sheikh Jarrah resident Toufic Haddad

4:30pm Sunday 19 September

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This session is available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane at 4:30pm AEST and in Perth at 2:30pm AWST.

Eyewitness to the struggle against ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah, Toufic Haddad will be speaking on the struggle to liberate Palestine. Toufic is a Palestinian Marxist who will be speaking on the politics of the latest rebellion in Palestine, the betrayal of the “two state solution” and the reality of Israeli apartheid.

This year has seen a new wave of rebellion across historic Palestine against the ongoing ethnic cleansing and violence of the Israeli state. From Gaza to the West Bank and even within the 1948 borders of so-called Israel, Palestinians have been resisting. A new generation of Palestinian youth are rebelling and are rejecting the politics of the Oslo Accords, the two state solution and the betrayals of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. They are once again raising the slogans of a free Palestine from the river to the sea and are demanding international solidarity.

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